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Permanent Non Surgical Nose Job

Permanent Results without the knife, Injection Rhinoplasty

The Non Surgical Nose Job – Becoming More Common

One of the biggest trends in cosmetic plastic surgery is replacing surgical, or invasive, procedures with no-knife procedures in which only a needle is used.

For instance, brow lifts are no longer done as frequently because Botox is available to create a smooth forehead, remove crows’ feet and the so-call “worry lines” on the upper bridge of the nose between the eyes. Surgical face lifts have fallen from the top 5 plastic surgery lists because more people are having the hollow places in their faces filled in with facial fillers like Restylane. Now, it’s the same with many nose jobs: increasingly, the needle is replacing the knife.

Benefits of the Non Surgical Nose Job

  • Injection rhinoplasty is performed in the office in less than half an hour. No recovery period is involved so even if you are a Hollywood stunt person who leaps, not over, but fromtall buildings, you can go back to work.
  • You’ll be ready for your close-up anytime because you won’t have black-and-blue bruising under your eyes as if you just came from invasive nose job surgery.

So what makes Dr. Kotler Different?

How Others Perform the Non Surgical Nose Job

Substances used to fill in nasal grooves, dents, depressions, sideways deviations, bends and other irregularities include the wildly popular:

  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Radiesse
  • Other facial fillers

The catch-22 here is that all those substance are hyaluronic acid based and are reabsorbed back into the body within six months to a year. Results?  Back to the cosmetic surgeon for another round of injections and yet another fee.

How Dr. Kotler performs the Permanent Non-Surgical Nose Job

There is a way around the problem of temporary injection fillers: Silikon 1000. Permitted in cosmetic surgery through an off-label use, Silikon 1000 is also a permanent fix and used in the same way as the previously mentioned fillers.  The only difference is that this one is permanent and will not be re-absorbed into the body.

Check it out for yourself:

On, 83 percent of 26 reviewers reported that Silikon 1000 was worth it. (Read how the reported average cost of cosmetic treatment was $900.)

People who would benefit from a permanent nose job via Silikon 1000 include:

  • Patients with bumps on the outside of the nose
  • People who have hollow places on their noses
  • Patients with a flat bridge to the nose (common among Asians and Black Americans)
  • People who’ve already had a nose job but are unhappy with its appearance
  • Patients with noses that are overdone or with too much bone and tissue removed
  • Patients who want another surgical rhinoplasty but first want to see how it might look

Take a Permanent Injection Nose Job for a Test Drive

In the office of Robert Kotler, M.D. you can take an improved nose for a ‘test drive.” Here’s how it works: using a numbing cream on your nose, Dr. Kotler fills a syringe with sterilized salt water which is later harmlessly absorbed into the body. With the patient watching his or her own nose in a hand mirror, the patient can see salt water filling in and plumping up the nose defects.

For bumps that stick above the surface of the nasal skin, Dr. Kotler uses the needle to remove a little soft tissue just under the skin, bringing that bump back level with the rest of the skin on your nose.  The results will show you what the permanent fix will look like, but better take some before and after pictures — the saline solution is absorbed back into the body in about an hour!


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